Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spring In The San Juans - Art Show In Flagstaff

I recently returned from a week long trip to the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. The purpose of the trip wasn't actually photography driven this time. It was more of an anniversary trip for my wife and I as we were married out in Durango Mountain Resort three years ago. Of course, there was no way I was going to keep my camera in the bag over the entire week so I judiciously picked my moments in order to stay in the good graces of my better half!

Wilson Peak Framed - Alta Ghost Town near Telluride

 It helped, for the most part, that the weather conditions during most of our stay were better suited for activities other than photography. Windy and clear conditions ruled for most of the week and I held my photography addiction in check fairly well as we hiked, rode horseback and visited with friends in the Durango area.

Horseback Riders at Boyce Lake - Near Durango Mountain Resort
That all changed near the end of our trip when we headed up towards Ridgway in the northern section of the San Juans. There I was treated to a morning of spectacular conditions along the Sneffels subrange. Leaving my wife to sleep in, I headed up county road 5 out of Ridgway towards the 13-14,000 ft. peaks that dominate the skyline in the area. It was peak wildflower time in the lower elevations and I knew right where a meadow filled with lupine would most likely be. Weather conditions were also perfect as the sky was clear in the east for the rising sun while post storm clouds from the prior evening continued to linger over the peaks. Finally, the frosting on the cake was that many late season snows have kept the peaks snowcapped very late into the spring. I couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions and my oh-dark-thirty wakeup time was rewarded with a fantastic sunrise and stellar shooting conditions all through the early morning hours. What a way to cap off a trip!!

Spring Sunrise Along The Sneffels Range
To see a handful of other images from this trip, please click on the link below...

Upcoming Art Show

On a totally unrelated note, I also wanted to announce that I'll be showing/selling my work at the Flagstaff Art In The Park festival over the fourth of July weekend. Show dates are July 2 - 4. I was very pleased with my first venture into the art show circuit over Memorial weekend and hope for continued success in this upcoming show. I've added a couple of metal prints to my arsenal for this show...that is, images printed right on aluminum with a high gloss finish. The vibrance and luminescence associated with this finish is nothing short of astounding. I've also added a 30x45 canvas triptych print of Havasu Falls to my display. Another must see item! If anyone is in the area over the holiday weekend, I encourage you to drop by my booth and say hi!

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  1. Guy, some really nice shots there! What a sublime sunrise with lupines and've got it all going on there. And I love how the boards resemble crossed skis in the first shot. Some Guys have all the luck.